Unlocking The Riddle of Effective B2B Sales

Unlocking The Riddle of Effective B2B Sales

Sales professionals deal with a lot of pressure on their jobs. Much depends on how well they can convince decision makers to agree to invest money in the product or service they offer. In business-to-business (B2B) sales, they face even more challenges. Most potential customers clutch the business purse strings a little tighter than they normally would their own. Spending company money foolishly, or even in honest error, could harm their reputation. No one wants to be known as someone who makes poor business decisions. Real B2B sales pros must have an arsenal of strategies, or an advanced sales methodology to overcome some of these challenges and be successful.

The Bottom Line is Always The Bottom Line

Successful B2B sales, as opposed to the consumer market, hinge on proving that your product or service will benefit the buyer in some financially tangible way. Looking nice, speaking well and meeting your customer’s needs on a superficially emotional way alone will not make the cut in the B2B market. Business buyers must see hard evidence that they are using company resources wisely. Not only must they be shown, they usually have to be shown in such a way to enable them to gain enough understanding of the concrete financial benefits to the company to justify purchasing decisions to superiors, shareholders or board of directors.

Tools to Survive in The Wilderness

Many times, managers give sales pros a directive to get out there and sell but fail to provide sales enablement. Training for sales should include plenty of role playing so that the salesperson acquires the necessary skills to work with the wide array of business people they will encounter. Training should give sales professionals ample opportunity to grasp how each role in a company, from the CEO down to a departmental buyer, will all have different wants and needs. By learning to present the product or service as a multi-faceted object, and by focusing on the actual ways the company will make and save money, the sales force increases their chances of exceeding their goals. B2B sellers can develop a consistent sales methodology by seeking out the actual value of their product or service and how that value applies to each type of potential buyer they might encounter.

The sales person needs the tools necessary to build a case for why theirs is the best option. The reasoning for the purchase will likely be different depending on who in the company is making the decision to buy or not. Knowing how to present best the ways the product or service will save money, not just make things easier, is a sales methodology that conquers much resistance. If the sales team can make a case for substantial profit or savings to the buying company, it will not matter what level in the corporate ladder the buyer resides. Businesses must make money to survive, and the ones who help their firms turn a profit will invariably rise to the top. Sending out B2B sales pros with a good grasp of sales methodology moves companies closer to this coveted spot.

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