What Topics to Choose for a College Essay Writing to Make it Interesting

What Topics to Choose for a College Essay Writing to Make it Interesting

There are umpteen topics that you can choose for a college essay. However, there are topics like crime, drugs, sex, politics, religion, and any other controversial topics that you must avoid when you write an essay.

You can write about your hobbies, interests, humour, travel, interesting and motivational experiences, and any topic that generates the interest of the reader as long as it does not inflict conflict. The idea of writing an essay is to present your ideas, insights, information, and research on the topic that you choose. Whenever, you are applying for a university, you are likely asked to choose a topic for essay writing. Choose the topic wisely.

Keep the tone positive

You can write about your achievements, interesting events in your life that do not reveal private information, anecdotes, or anything that inspires you. You can also write about what you learnt from any experience that depicts your strengths and weaknesses. There are a broad range of topics from which you can choose. Choose a specific topic as it can help you garner focus on that area of topic and provide all round information and insight.

Be creative and organized


  • College essays need not be informational alone.
  • You can choose creative topics to write about.
  • Choose topics and format them as per the content of the topic used.
  • Look at the unique features that you can write about.
  • Think about the topic from different angles.
  • Avoid negative topics as much as possible.
  • Readers prefer reading something that provides them positivity and hope.
  • Negative topics can only bring in hostility.
  • If you want wide scope of readers, keep the tone of the topic upbeat.
  • Use narration and experience for topics that you write about an event.
  • Leave an impact and make the readers think.
  • Make a list of ideas and prioritize how you will use them in an essay.
  • Use original style of writing when writing an essay.

Keep the thoughts and writing fluid

When applying for a university, choose essay topics which are not mentioned in the application form. This can give the professors to analyze your thoughts and ideas from a different perspective. They get to see another side of your personality and thinking that reflects beyond what is given in the application.

For more tips on writing essays you can refer https://mypaperwriter.com/expert-college-paper-writers.htm. Refrain from writing on topics that can lead to a debate or an argument. Choose topics that you are naturally good at. Keep the tone crisp and concise. Choose words and expressions that depict your thoughts.

Do not use fillers as it reflects poorly on the language and thought process. Do not write to impress. Write to express. The reader must get an insight into your thoughts, thinking patterns, and language skills. Depending upon the course you apply for, choose the topic carefully. Your essay must show that you deserve the admission. Your essay must be that persuasive.


Essay topics are available in plenty. You can do your own search and choose accordingly.

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