Tips for choosing a great car to rent

Tips for choosing a great car to rent

Finding a long term rental can be a difficult task. This is even harder with the variety that car rental companies offer. You will most definitely end up spoilt for choice. Legends car rentals hashundreds of vehicles on its fleet for you to choose from for all manner of long term car rental Los Angeles deals. So where to start?

If you are going for a trip, the type car you choose is dependent on the kind of trip. Though you can swap long term rental as you please, you never know where you may end up.  Make sure you find something you would be comfortable with regardless.

A city visit

If you are visiting a city, due to the hustle and bustle something compact and easy to drive will be ideal. You can break down your choice further to the type of city. This will help determine the size of car. If you are going to New York, its narrow streets call for something very compact. For cities with wider roads like Los Angeles, sedans and hatchbacks will work just fine. Make sure you choose something you will enjoy driving. For something a little bit more stylish and fun, try European luxury vehicles.

Road trips

You typically do road trips with a bunch of friends, workmates or family. You will therefore need something big that you can all fit in and will have room for all the extra baggage and camping equipment (if it is an outdoorsy kind of trip). It should also be something you can sit in for long periods of time. SUVs and 4×4 vehicles would be a great choice as they are spacious and would be able to navigate rough terrain. Another option would be to hire a campervan. They are very comfortable and are like mobile accommodation since you can cook, clean up and sleep in them.

Day trips

If you are visiting a big city, there is a lot to see, try and explore. You may have to go sightseeing outside of the city centre. If this would appeal to you, you should find a car that has enough power to take on a remote road but still has enough style and flair to make it fun to drive. A sport sedan or a convertible would be ideal.

Business trip

When trying to find something for a business trip, look for something impressive but not overly-expensive. Avoid the flashy cars and try the Toyota Avalon XLE. In it you will have something imposing, fuel-efficient that exudes the right level of success when you take your client to lunch. This way it doesn’t look like your company blew their budget.

You should also take time to check for the features you want. USB ports for instance are must-have so you can charge your phone and for entertainment purposes. For some, a sunroof and plush leather interiors are necessary comforts. Lastly, test the radio. It may not have an active subscription.

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