Think Unique, Think Different-Imperative Ideas to Include While Writing Application Essay

Think Unique, Think Different-Imperative Ideas to Include While Writing Application Essay

College application essay is necessary for attaining admission in well-known institutions. Looking at the humongous volume of application pouring in each year, the universities have come up with the concept of application essays wherein the student can put forth their talents and hobbies.

The counsellors have very few minutes to go through the big number of applications and pupils have very less time to impress the counsellor. Hence, it is very much important to really stand out and think different and include the sense of your own identity in your essays.

Below are the key points which you have to keep in mind before starting the essay.

Aim behind the admission

Be bold, be expressive and let your dream come across very significantly to the educator. Clear your criteria as in where you want yourself to be in the coming decade.

Why you are keen to apply in this university for your higher education?

Make it crisp and clear as to why you are choosing this institution? What are your strong subjects? In what field are you planning to shape your future career in?

Interest and hobbies

Keep it short and precise with your interest and your hobbies as it might attract the counsellor.

Be honest

Be as normal and loyal as possible in your essays, if in case the educator gets to know that you are lying then your application will be immediately rejected.

Do not be too general

Avoid being general in your essay as it will not grab the attention of the faculty. Be innovative in your writing as this application will be the ticket for your admission.

Keep a sense of you in your essay

Keep it real and be genuine. Once you keep this in mind and are sincere then automatically your own self will be reflected in your essays. The more you fake it, the more evident it is to the counsellor.


It is always advisable to do first hand research before starting your application essay as it needs to be very professional and crisp.

Grammar, Vocabulary and Spellings

Always have a good vocabulary in your essay. Try not to be repetitive as it will not interest the faculty. Poor grammar and spelling will put off the counsellor and application will be rejected.

Once you are ready with your essay, it is very much important to proof read your application. The more number of people read the essay the better for you as the feedback will help you to improve the vocabulary and content. Suggestions should always be welcomed as it is better for you to improve and enhance your writing.

Always remember that your application will be read by the third person, who does not know you. Hence, it is better if you make any unknown people read the essay and imbibe their suggestion to make your content better and more realistic.

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