Teen Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention

Addiction can happen to anyone at any age. However, addiction to drugs among teenagers is one of the most critical issues in the world.

Not everyone can quit on their own. It’s advisable to look for treatments at the rehab centers. Rehab placement services have made it easier to locate rehab centers in your area. The professional teams have years of experience and they’ll help you connect to a rehab center that meets your needs, thus serves the best in beating your addiction.

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Reasons of drug abuse among teenagers

Genetic behavior

If a teen’s parent or sibling have substance abuse or had once, more chances are that he/she will try to experiment.

Mental health status

Often a teen when suffering from any mental health disorders like eating or depression disorders, OCD, etc switches to drugs or alcohol or such substances to deal with mental health problems.

Peer pressure

It’s acceptable that teens easily get influenced by someone. Probably, teenagers with friends who are drug abusers or involved in drinking or any such addiction are more likely to develop the addiction behavior under the influence or encouragement of such friend.

What are the risks if a teen consumes drugs?

The addiction of drugs and alcohol spares no one. Consuming drugs and alcohol from young age risks their health. Mentioned below some of the serious issues that an addict could face:

  • Consuming drugs and alcohol have bad consequences on a teen’s brain since the brain is developing during adolescent stage. A teen who is substance abuser may have long term serious brain effects or worse he could damage his brain permanently.
  • Falling behind in school work and academics, which is a threat to his career.
  • Indulgence in criminal activities like stealing money or valuable for supporting his addiction of drugs. Moreover, possessing drugs is also illegal. He could land himself in jail for many such reasons.
  • The social problems of substance abusing are worse. Under the drug influence, a teen may tend to struggle and fit with others, who are non- addicts. Ultimately, he would stop socializing.

How to help them?

Considering the reasons are less important than to overcome the addiction.

As suggested, it is best to take a help at any rehab center. A rehab center will

  • Educate you about the available program.
  • Provide treatment programs and therapy sessions of one’s need.

Apart from this, one must not underestimate saying no to wrong things. If any of your friends is encouraging you for such things, you can directly say no or avoid them.

  • Talk about other topics.
  • Leave the place.
  • Pretend that you’re receiving a call.

If you see the above symptoms in your child or any teen around you, offer a helping hand. Your effort can save someone’s life.

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