This Teacher’s Day Gift Your Guru Something Special

This Teacher’s Day Gift Your Guru Something Special

When we think of teachers, immediately a burst of images come into our minds – A bespectacled ma’am writing on the black chalkboard, a strict professor scolding a student for writing and circulating chits or a someone gently encouraging you to answer a question.

Although you’ve encountered many teachers in your life, a few certainly stand out from the crowd. Perhaps these teachers went out of their way to hone your skills and knowledge. Maybe they pushed you to be your best and tapped into your hidden potential. Or they inspired you.

These teachers weren’t just teachers – they were your gurus, mentors and biggest supporters.

So this teacher’s day why not gift them something special? We’re talking of Saregama Carvaan.

Retro-styled portable music player

Carvaan is a light-weight digital audio player that has a pair of powerful in-built stereo speakers and comes with a stunning 5000 evergreen songs from the humble 1950s spanning all the way to the roaring 1990s. Available in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi audio players categorized based on singers, lyricists, music composers and moods.

If your teacher loves humming to Kishore Kumar’s romantic numbers, Lata Mangeshkar’s silky voice or tapping his feet to R.D. Burman’s robust beats, then Carvaan will serve as a perfect gift for teacher.

The retro-styled player, designed just like a yesteryear radio set, is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, a slot to insert a pen drive, a place to plug in your headphones and a button to switch on FM radio. Basically, hours of fuss-free entertainment.

Ample customization

Why stop at 5000 songs? Do you know your professor or ma’am’s favourite songs? Well, you can easily add her favourite set of songs to a customized USB music card which is available on the website.

To add a touch of personalization to your gift for teacher, add a heart-felt message (who doesn’t love those?) or an image of them on the music card.

Moreover, you can even buy Carvaan in a rich Cherrywood red, mellow walnut brown, bright electric blue, simple Oakwood brown or plain porcelain white.

Simple to operate

Worried that your guru will find it difficult to operate a music player? Don’t be! Saregama Caravaan is extremely easy to operate since it switches stations and songs by a simple turn of a knob. Your teacher can toggle between moods, artists, composers and lyricists effortlessly. If your mentor is fond of devotional songs or Sufi music, that option is also available in this digital audio player.

You don’t need to visit a store to buy this player. Simply visit the website, place your order and get it delivered to your guru’s house. You can also gift-wrap it by selecting one of the attractive wrappers from the ones provided on the site.

So this teacher’s day, skip the conventional roses and card. Give her something she will truly love and think of you every time she hums an old song.


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