Smartphones of the future: what to expect ?

Smartphones of the future: what to expect ?

In fact, it did not take smartphone long to push regular phones to the margins of history. But how will smartphones evolve further? What will replace them? After all, the race for the highest screen resolution, the highest number of megapixels in a camera or for the most impressive processing power seems like a dead end. Despite the fact that used phones prices are really good today as smartphones become cheaper and cheaper day-by-day, we no longer crave for better the specs, we want some revolutionary breakthrough.

What technologies are waiting for us in the future?

More sensors

Today, built-in mobile device sensors, which measure distance, heart rate and calories burned, no longer surprise anyone. However, there is nothing difficult in expanding the assortment of sensors, especially given the fact that today wearable electronics is in fashion. Manufacturers can embed sensors in shoes, sunglasses, hats; they in turn could collect information about the environment and send it to the smart phone for the further analysis.

Longer battery life

Most modern smartphones can go without recharging a day or two, no more. However, new batteries are on the way, which will help significantly extend battery life. Some think that developers will go the other way: they will improve solar batteries, or somehow learn how to use the energy of living cells.

5G Networks

The data transfer speed in mobile networks can be increased, so there some developments in the field of 5G networks. Compared to the 3G network, they will be faster by about 100 times, that is, you will not have any problems with streaming video, music playback and games or with transferring large files.

“Eternal” smartphones

Unbreakable screens, waterproof bodies, durable materials that can withstand even the strongest blows and bumps – all these things already exist in one form or another. According to experts, this may lead to the fact that the period of use of smartphones will increase substantially, and if you are not one of those who replace their mobile devices 7 days a week, you can do without replacing your smartphone for years and even decades. Perhaps, in this case, we will stop paying for a smartphone itself, but we will have to get a license for the right to use it instead.

Flexible screens

Smartphone familiar to us will simply disappear.

The flexible screen is no fantastic! There are already some LG smartphones featuring this kind of screen. If you are interested, we suggest you check out LG phone prices online.

What’s more, the Willow Glass from Corning’s is well suited for creating a highly flexible screen: a smartphone with such a display can be turned into a bracelet or it can be worn on a wrist. If these developments reach the stage of mass production, the smartphones familiar to us will simply disappear, and the devices that will replace it, will be more like “smart” watches, but with advanced telephone and entertainment functions.

As you can see, smartphones can change dramatically, and all this could happen in the near future. Of course, all possible changes are impossible to list in one small article, but we would also like to mention such future technologies that are likely to appear as 3D-screens, a complete voice control, navigation inside buildings and more

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