Signs Indicating The Need Of Rebuilding Your Lawn With New Turf

Signs Indicating The Need Of Rebuilding Your Lawn With New Turf

It can get tricky when it comes to deciding whether you need to re-turf your lawn or refurbish it. If your lawn is appearing unpleasant, then you should definitely need to do something about it. There are certain questions that you need to ask to assess the present situation of the lawn and the soil present under it.

Evaluate the present condition of the lawn

You are required to know what is happening at the lawn surface. How much percentage of your lawn is covered with grass and not just moss, soil, or weeds? Do you find the existing grass on the lawn to be dark green, or tinged with yellow?

This can be because your lawn is infected by fusarium patch disease. This will soon disappear when the change in climate happens. Also, check the texture of the lawn. Does it has uniform textured grass or large ugly clumps? Buy garden turf online from one of the reputed places without any concern about quality and performance.

Check the soil under the lawn

Find out whether the soil is very wet and stays soggy for a long time after the rain has stopped. It can also be the case that the soil dries out quickly and leave plants poor and parched. Dig a small inspection hole to find out how deep have the roots penetrated into the soil. Also, check the texture of the soil. Note down all the observations to decide whether you need to replace or refurb the place.

When should you replace the turf?

You definitely require a new turf for your lawn if you find any of the below conditions to be true.

  • Less than 3/4th of the coverage comprises of healthy grass
  • Too compact soil to push a screwdriver
  • Issues related to poor drainage
  • Scarification
  • Raking can remove small quantities of moss but that could be a hard work for you

When should you go about refurbishment?

If you find any of the below mentioned conditions to be true, then you can perform refurbishment. This process can take a lot of time and money. Lawn refurbishment has to be simple and quick if:

  • The leaves of the grass are tinged with yellow. It is likely that lawn needs feeding on a regular basis. It will benefit from aeration if there are no issues regarding drainage or water retention.
  • Less than ten percentage of the lawn is broadleaved and moss A sensible mowing regime assists grass plants to fill out.
  • Over seeded regions on the lawn with superior quality grass seed.
  • A shallow rooted lawn that has soil underneath it in good condition i.e., proper aeration and a consistent feeding regime.

How to find the right refurbishing firm your lawn?

You will find some very good lawn care firms on the market. All you need to do is an internet search to locate the right ones in your region. Checking reviews will give you an unbiased perspective about different firms on the market. You can also find several helpful articles to do the work on your own.


There are several lawns that need rebuilding with new turf. Learning the right way is important to enhance the situation.

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