Right Ways to Choose Area and Path Lights for A Landscape Lighting Project

Right Ways to Choose Area and Path Lights for A Landscape Lighting Project

Everyone wants their house to look welcoming and pleasing to their dear ones, neighbors and friends. In the winter season, it implies digging and clearing snow from the streets and sidewalks. In the summer season, it implies preventing the treachery of dark stairs and paths.

The right selection of the walkaway ensures the best safety to your house. By proper installation of a walkway lighting, it will gently guide every person to your backyard or front porch so that they reach safely and comfortably.

How walkway lighting has become simpler?

These days, installation of a walkway lighting has become simpler as compared to earlier days. As opposed to conservative wisdom, you need not have an offshore bank account or a qualification in electrical engineering to begin performing the installation.

You will find a large selection of affordable fixtures, that makes the installation process easy and almost foolproof. Modern walkway lighting systems are designed to work in low-voltage systems and make pathway lights look great. The lights are very safe to deal with a nine-volt battery.

What are the components and their functions in a walkway lighting system?

A walkway lighting system comprises of different components, each of them performs a different function.

  • Light fixtures provide illumination, security and safety to an area.
  • Transformer helps in reducing voltage from a normal 120 to a safer level of 12.
  • Easy lock connectors enable beginners to perform wire fixtures to cable.
  • Low voltage electricity cable relays power from convertor to fixtures.

Can one install path lighting system on its own or hire a specialist?

The ease of installation of walkway lighting system enables an average homeowner to install a general path-light system. Stair lights need a little more handiwork and need electric and masonry skills. If you are looking for an inspired layout, it is best to take assistance of a landscape lighting specialist.

How much maintenance does the path lighting project require?

Outdoor spotlights look elegant when they are maintained from time to time. Remove debris and leaves from fixtures and prevent them from getting overheated. Replace bulbs that have got burned out right away to prevent overloading others inside the circuit.

How long does it last?

An average warranty on transformers and fixtures range from 1 to 10 years. Superior quality lamps made up of brass and copper can even function properly for decades.

Types of path lighting system

Surface mount step light:

Small in build, these lamps serve an important function in preventing missteps.

Stair riser

Fixtures can be build at variety of locations such as in risers, on the wall alongside the stairway, or under the treads lips.


When installed at a height on a tree, the narrow and long fixtures fill the view with a moonlight effect. The entire stairway path looks like bathing in a soft moonlight glow.


With a little planning and little knowledge, you can safely instruct your family and friends to your door. Efficient walkway lighting casts entire home in a new light. Above information will prove to be really helpful in planning the ideal layout.

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