Few Reasons for Discarding Plastic Bags and Using Reusable Grocery Bags

Few Reasons for Discarding Plastic Bags and Using Reusable Grocery Bags

When you go shopping to any local stores or mall, you will find that disposable shopping bags are used. Since 1970, such bags have been introduced so that consumers can do their shopping conveniently. With a population of about 300 million people in the USA roughly you can estimate about 1.8 billion bags are regularly used and discarded every week in the country.

Following are few good reasons why plastic bags and paper bags need to be discarded and these environment friendly reusable custom grocery bags should be used and reused by people and then dispose them off.

  1. Any plastic bags that were in use usually decomposes after almost 1000 years based on the condition of the environment. Therefore, there is a need for certain biodegradable bags so that our environment remains protected. Also, plastic bags can be broken down through photo degradation. However, the process can emit toxic particles into the environment.
  2. It has been noticed that due to plastic bag use about 100,000 turtles and one million bird and countless number of many other sea animals die every year as they often confuse these plastic items as food particles and that can create digestive problem and lead to death.
  3. The cost of recycling the plastic bag is very high and most of the recycling agencies never accept them for recycling. As a result, they get mixed up with the other trash items.
  4. As per Environment protection agency, only 2 per cent of plastic bags are recycled while the rest goes into sea to produce toxins into the water as well as in the soil.
  5. Even today in the USA about 100 billion plastic bags are used by people in a year with average each person uses anything between 350 to 500.
  6. Almost 10 per cent of debris are plastic bags and those plastics are polluting the coastlines of the USA.
  7. Plastic bags are in fact petroleum products which are non-renewable resources. Therefore, manufacturing of plastic bags can result in rise of gas price. Note that to produce plastic bags 12 million barrels of oil is needed every year.
  8. Paper bags are no better either. We need to cut 14 million trees every year to produce these paper shopping bags.
  9. To produce paper bags 13 per cent more energy cost is required as compared to plastic bag.
  10. Plenty of toxins are released in the environment during the production of paper bags, which is almost at the same rate as that of plastic bags.
  11. Paper bags are heavier than plastic bags and therefore it will be costlier to ship.
  12. Only 20 per cent of paper bags can be recycled and therefore the rest are scrapped like plastic bags.
  13. Paper bags can create almost double the waste as that of plastic bags therefore they too are not a good choice for our environment.

Thus, we can see that plastic and paper bags are certainly not a good choice for the environment.

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