When Should You Put Your Dog In A Crate?

After you have got a crate for your dog, it’s time to decide to learn and understand about when to crate your dog and when not. Putting your dog in crate for the whole day is not a great way of training. Hence, following guide will brief you when you should be crating your pet.

How To Use A Dog Crate?

After that you have decided to crate your pet, it is time to buy a crate. It is important that the chosen crate is big enough for your pet to eat, stand, stretch and turn around freely. Following section will brief you crate using tips.

Don’t Crate Your Pet If It is Afraid of Crate

Not all pets like to be crated. It is in fact inhumane and cruel to force your pet into crate using anxiety and fear. It is never an idea to push your dog into crate and make it feel uncomfortable. Make sure that before placing your dog in crate for longer hours, you take some small trials by crating your dog to check the comfortability. If your dog is scared of the crate, it will stop eating, it will try to escape and/or will cry. Hence, if you observe any such issues with your dog, don’t crate it for longer hours and instead crate for small duration that too when you’re around.

Check for Separation Anxiety

Before putting your dog in crate, make sure that it isn’t suffering from separation anxiety. If your pet scratches the windows and doors, enter into destructive chewing, and do excessive drooling, tries to escape or does non-stop whining¬†and barking, then there are chances of it suffering from separation anxiety.

Though most of the dogs like their crates since it are a place where they can relax, however, this might not be true if your pet is suffering from separation anxiety. In such a scenario, it is advised to consult a veterinarian and check if something is not serious.

Special Medical Condition

Though crate is very helpful in improving behavior of your pet, however, there can be some medical conditions in which it is unable to sit in the crate. If your dog has recently undergone some surgery, it is advisable not to put it in a crate. This is because in an attempt to run escape the crate, your dog can harm itself. Hence, see to your pet’s medical condition and crate it accordingly.

Time Factor

It is advisable not to put your dog inside crate for more than five hours. Crating your dog for longer hours can cause it to enter into anxiety and depression. Moreover, longer hours in crate mean your dog won’t do much physical activities. This can make your dog lazy and aloof from family members.

To conclude, crating can be a great way of creating discipline in your dog. However, see to the duration for which you crate your pet. For more information on when should you crate your dog, you can click here.

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