Premature Baldness Is Preventable

Premature Baldness Is Preventable

If you are experiencing more hair at the bottom of the shower each time you shampoo than you’d like, there’s no need to despair or to shave your head like so many others do, or create a deep comb-over. You are not alone. Forty percent of men will suffer hair loss by age 35, and fifty percent will see thinning of the hair by age 50. Hair loss and baldness used to be a fact of life. But now, thanks to modern science, you don’t need to suffer the inevitability of hair loss. There are steps you can take and products you can use to prolong your head of hair without suffering the bother and expense of hair replacement treatments. The merging of science and nature has produced an exciting new formula resulting in a unique and different hair thickening shampoo for men.

What’s Different about This

This new formula of shampoo takes out all the bad stuff. It does not contain sulfates, paragons, phthalates, GMOs, glycols or gluten, which are found in most ordinary shampoo formulas. Instead, this new approach to the creation of a shampoo is the result of years of vigorous testing. It is vegan, cruelty-free, PH balanced, color-safe and sustainably sourced. The focus is on natural ingredients which help thicken the individual hair shafts. A follicle stimulator and maintainer serum uses clinically tested peptides which target the culprit in head hair loss–DHT–a steroid that is counter-productive to head hair retention. These peptides are essential to building a thicker, fuller head of hair, promoting healthy cells and stimulating cell metabolism for increased density.

What Else is New?

Caffeine also has been found to be a stimulant to hair growth. When added to a shampoo formula, caffeine is directly absorbed into the hair follicles, helping to protect and energize the follicles, prolonging their life. Also, Biotin-B Complex in the shampoo is a key component, since it encompasses the shaft, restoring keratin to the hair cortex, aiding in the development of hair body and thickness. These natural shampoo ingredients, when used regularly in conjunction with treatment serums and styling products, will give you the hair of your dreams. Hair loss is not an inevitable fact of life. You can still have a full head of hair that your partner will love to run their fingers through by using a targeted hair thickening shampoo.

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