Oyster Bay Senior Living

Oyster Bay Senior Living

Having a loved one become diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be a stressful and tragic time for your family. Although you would ideally like to have your family member stay with you instead of go into assisted living, it is simply not possible for most families due to work and other obligations that would cause your loved one to be home alone. Oyster Bay in Long Island is a senior care assisted care facility that specifies with Alzheimer’s patients. Since all of their residents have Alzheimer’s, they are able to dedicate their entire jobs to better understanding and learning to deal with various issues that may come up. Here is some more information on this facility for senior care in Long Island.


The first benefit to choosing a senior care facility that specifically caters to residents with Alzheimer’s is that these professionals understand that not every case is the same, and some cases may be more severe than others. Because of this, your clinic will evaluate each resident to help determine which type of care they need based on their medical, cognitive and social needs. This is done at the time at admission and helps those at Oyster Bay in Long Island decide which floor your loved one should be placed on. The different floors are set up differently so that each patient at the facility is allowed some level of freedom while still ensuring that all of their needs are cared for. They will also be encouraged to socialize with other members of the facility and participate in social events, which take up over half of each floor.

Professional Care

You can rest assured when putting your loved one in a Long island assistedliving and senior care facility that there are educated medical professionals on the staff to help with all needs. This includes medications, first aid and emergency care if needed and also small tasks such as helping with bathing and getting dressed, if your family member requires help with these tasks. There will be experienced nurses and personal care aids on every floor, making sure that there is enough staff to handle all of the residents.

If you have decided that it is time to take your family member to a senior care facility, look into one like Oyster Bay in Long Island if you need one that specializes in care for Alzheimer’s patients. This will ensure that your loved one is getting the best care possible and that all of their needs will be met when you are not there.

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