Misconceptions about Iran

Americans have a lot of misconceptions about the country of Iran, due in part to the heavy media influence on how they think and feel. But in today’s world of the internet, it is easy to get access to more information than ever before, enabling the American people to make their own decisions on the worth and importance of good Iran US relations. Although no country is perfect, and a lot of countries in the Middle East are struggling with internal issues, getting past misconceptions and improving Iran and US relations is important to the country.

Misconception One: Iran Is Underdeveloped

A lot of people tend to think that Iran is underdeveloped, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Iran is a modern country with an educated youth and no more poverty and crime than a good amount of other countries. They have a government and a populace that isn’t afraid of expressing themselves and their rights, especially when the government does something wrong. To them, as they should be for the US, American Iranian relations are an important part of the future.

Misconception Two: They’re Hateful

Iran and US relations suffer because a lot of people think and assume that Iran is hateful, whether towards the United States or towards minority groups within the country. But while it is again repeated that all countries have issues and Iran is no different, the majority of the young population bears no ill will towards any other group. American tourists are warmly welcomed and most young Iranians view the Iran US relations in a positive light. Within the country, you can see that the local religious minorities are not as poorly viewed as most think and they aren’t being oppressed. Minority groups have a voice and a guaranteed spot on the Iranian Parliament.

Misconception Three: Iranians Dislike Israel

American and Iranian relations have indeed suffered in the past because of some of the leader’s personal views with respect towards Israel, but just as in the US and other countries, the public doesn’t necessarily agree with all the views of the current leaders. It is a common misconception to assume that what the government currently seeks is what the people want, but this isn’t always true. Many Iranians want to show that they don’t agree with the current government and instead just want to improve their own economic struggle.

Misconception Four: You Can’t Visit

A lot of people think that you can’t visit this country because of danger or visa issues, but that really isn’t true. You can indeed visit this beautiful country, and Iran US relations would benefit from a heavier flow of tourists to the country.

Iran US Relations

The two countries are getting along a lot better than many people seem to think, and just like the majority of the American public, most Iranians want peace and a prosperous country where they can live and enjoy the freedoms that they have. Two educated and intelligent populaces shouldn’t be separated by a few easily dissolved misconceptions on either side. Both countries and the world could benefit from more understanding and peace.

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