What Makes Flowing Screed the better Choice?

What Makes Flowing Screed the better Choice?


Sand cement screed might have looked like the best thing to you, but it is far below flowing screed in standard and quality.  If you want your construction works to be done perfectly without any hitch or error, then it is high time you included this type.   It lends more quality to the work and makes it stand out.  There is no better way to add longevity to your construction work than this.  If you want to provide level and smooth surface before applying the final floor finish, then this is the best option for you. it is sure to give you top value on every dime you spend.

The flowing screed can be used in various forms you prefer. If you like, you can use it as bonded or unbounded.  You can also use it with or without any under floor heating; it all depends on what you want. The advantages are so many and these advantages make it the best choice for any standard construction work.   The traditional sand cement floor screeds do not meet up to this type by any standard. Some of these advantages are discussed below.

Less labour

Many concrete contractors in surrey prefer this form of screed for this very reason that it requires less labour than the conventional screed.  If you want to get the job done faster, then this is the best choice for you. Less labour also translates to less cost of construction.  Its installation is very fast and it does not require as much effort as the conventional type.  Some experts are of the opinion that it is 10 times easier than the traditional method.


Easy modification

This form of screed also permits easy modification during the construction work.  If you want to reduce the screed depth, you can easily carry it out without negatively imparting the quality of the work.  Do you what to increase thermal efficiently of the property? You can easily get this done by simply installing thicker floor installation.  Reduction in depth floor translates to lower weight and it also means a faster drying time.  These modifications make flowing screed the best for you any time and any day.


Fast drying

This is one of the reasons why many concrete contractors in surrey prefer this form of screed. You may not believe it, but it gets dried so fast that you can start walking on it barely 24 hours after it had been applied.  If other trades working on the site have to get their own aspects of the work one fast, they can get to work just 24 hours after the screed had been applied.  Consequently, the construction work will go much faster than imaginable.


If you want the flowing screed to dry even faster, you can make this possible by fast drying it.   You can get it dry and completely solid just within 7 days of its application. The traditional sand cement screed does not have such outstanding benefit. Its under floor heating benefit lends more to its incomparable benefits too.  Heat storage is also greatly minimized with this screed type.

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