Make a Great First Impression with a Security Screen Door

Make a Great First Impression with a Security Screen Door

Your home makes the first impression on every visitor. What do you want your home to say to potential visitors? Just as a bright smile and firm handshake convey the keys to a personality, a security screen door conveys the keys to the personality of a home.


Today’s screen door manufacturers offer styles to suit any home or neighborhood. Perhaps your home follows the clean lines and geometric patterns of Frank Lloyd Wright-style homes. You can buy security screen doors to blend perfectly with your home’s aesthetic. Even an ornate, Italianate mansion has the perfectly elaborate screen door just waiting to be installed.


Contemporary screen doors are a far cry from the flimsy double box styles of years ago. Materials such as heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel provide strength built to last for years. The screens themselves are more tear-resistant. You won’t need to worry about tearing your screens with the slightest touch or pressure.


Remember the hook or clip locks on screen doors of years ago? Modern security screen doors have sophisticated locking mechanisms. You and your family will feel protected inside you home, even with just the screen door shut.


What brings life to a home like a breath of fresh, outdoor air? Your screen door lets the fresh air waft through the home while keeping out insects and other unwelcome guests. In addition, the screens are woven to protect your privacy inside the home. No passing cars or people can see inside your security screen door, even as you enjoy the uninterrupted breezes.


Your home is as unique as your personality. You aren’t built to a standard mold, and neither is the place where you live. While there are a wide range of standard size screen doors, modern technology also allows you to customize the size, shape, and features of your door. Create a doggie door for your beloved pet. Customize a large screen for an elegant front entrance. Choose a subtle archway pattern to echo the shapes of your windows. All of these options and more are available to you.

Your home is your sanctuary, your castle, and your face to the world. You can buy security screen doors to enhance your home and protect your family. A security screen door puts the finishing touches on the first impression your home makes.

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