How Live Answering Services are Keeping Businesses Afloat

How Live Answering Services are Keeping Businesses Afloat

Traditionally, businesses have used voice mail or automated voice answering services. While these options are inexpensive, great for screening large volumes of calls, and pass on general information, they can be confusing and frustrating for customers to use, and often leave them with negative feelings about the business overall. Currently, there has been a huge shift in businesses toward using live answering services that rely on virtual receptionists to take messages and help customers. This article will discuss how live answering services work.

 Live Answering Services versus Call Centers

People sometimes confuse live receptionist answering services with call centers, but there are some marked differences between the two services to take note of. Call centers are made of roughly 200 employees housed in large rooms who typically handle incoming calls for one company. Live answering services, on the other hand, are made of 10-20 certified receptionists contracted out to a variety of businesses. And while call center employees usually have pre-determined answers for caller inquiries, live answering service receptionists give callers individualized assistance based on the information given.

How Live Answering Services Work

With live answering services, customer calls are immediately answered by a virtual receptionist who has been trained to predict the needs of each caller and help find company specific solutions to their issues. Additionally, virtual receptionists receive specialized training for each business they work with. They will know general information about each company and what services are offered. The receptionist also uses each company’s unique software, so when a call comes in, they will know which number was dialed and which company the call is for. These features make live answering services are an optimal choice for sole proprietors and telecommuters who own startup companies.

Benefits of Live Answering Services

A live receptionist answering service provides a way for businesses to handle the onslaught of incoming calls at all hours of the day and night. This allows more time for the company to focus on other projects and responsibilities. Clients and customers prefer talking to a live person who can give them specific answers about the company or their products and services. Automated services and answering machines leave clients and customers unsatisfied, and they often end up going to one of several competitor businesses to find better customer service. Live answering services act as an administrative assistant, allowing customers a direct connection to the business. This makes clients and customers feel secure in that they are getting reliable, friendly service.

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