Little Things That Make the Father-Child Bond Stronger:

Little Things That Make the Father-Child Bond Stronger:

“I was shaken and sad. Dad was no more but also because I couldn’t tell him how much he meant to me and how much I loved and respected him. If God gives him back for some minutes, I would just want to make him sit and tell him why he is the best!”

A marketing manager of a multinational felt this way on his father’s demise.

Many sons and daughters share the same feeling in fact. Be it a college-going teen or a working professional, there is always an unsaid bond with fathers.

It’s a beautiful relation! Your Dad is your hero, yet you never thank him. Your Dad is the balancing comfort to Mom’s nagging and you hardly show your affection towards him. The bond between a child and father is unspoken yet special.

Do you know what day is the best day to make your Hero feel special? Today!

Here are some small but sweet actions to paint a smile across his face:

  1. To Dear Dad – Letters From The Heart:

Write a letter to him reminding him of all the memories you both shared. For the 22 years of your existence, write 22 short letters to him taking him down the memory lane. Write to him telling him things which you always wanted to say but never did. Express yourself in these handwritten letters and it is sure to touch his emotional chords.

  1. Reminisce Good Ol’ Days – With Saregama Carvaan:

Saregama Carvaan, the perfect gift for music lovers makes up for a gift which is both soulful and useful. A portable music player with a collection of 5000 evergreen Hindi songs, it is also available in languages like Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi. This gift will definitely take him down the memory lane. With a cool retro look and a compilation of the most iconic tunes, Saregama Carvaan is a gift that your Dad will cherish for a lifetime!

  1. Once More – Give A Restart To His Hobby:

There are many things which Dads leave in order to spend time with their kids. In the course of fatherhood, your Dad probably would have lost touch with his favourite hobby. I remember my Dad leaving his night cricket matches to pillow fight with me. Now is a good chance to help him restart his hobby, be it some sport or music or reading. Gift him a reason to start enjoying his free time and reliving some precious memories as he pursues that hobby.

  1. Make His Life Easier – Useful Gifts That He Needs:

Your Dad has always striven to make your life easier. You can reverse it and make his life smoother! You can gift him products that benefit him on a daily basis like a portable massage machine, smart watches, medicine cases among others. Show him your care by providing that extra comfort that he has always been providing you with.

No gift is enough to repay the love and time your Dad has spent with you, and whatever you gift him with love is the perfect gift for Dad!

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