Lifeguards Protect Swimmers of All Ages

Lifeguards Protect Swimmers of All Ages

Perhaps you have been on a swim team, or maybe you enjoy playing water polo. If you feel at home in a pool and are a good swimmer, you may be thinking about becoming an Austin lifeguard. Competent people who are Red Cross-certified are needed to protect swimmers of all ages at public and private pools. Once you have completed lifeguard certification in Austin, you can apply for jobs that are available throughout the metro area.

The Importance of Swim Lessons

When warm weather approaches, visions of sparkling pools come to mind. However, many children do not know how to swim, including 70 percent of African-Americans and 60 percent of Hispanics/Latinos, according to Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine statistics. It is a good idea to involve children in early swimming instruction. Lessons can help reduce drowning risk by 88 percent among children between the ages of one to four. When there is a private pool party, or when children are enjoying time at a public swimming pool, having a trained and Red Cross-certified Austin lifeguard on hand adds an enhanced level of safety.

Lifeguard Training Appointments

You can sign up for personalized training that can be completed according to your schedule. Training staff will come to you and the pool you choose. The only requirements are that the water be comfortably heated—an ideal temperature is 85 degrees—and that the depth at one end be at least seven feet. Once you have successfully completed all the points in the training curriculum, Lifeguard First Aid, AED and CPR Pro, you will be given Red Cross certification. This is a two-day course, which is normally given on a weekend, although arrangements can be made for two consecutive Saturdays or Sundays.

Group Training

While Red Cross certification is available through the Park and Recreation Service, private training for lifeguards can be arranged according to the students’ own schedule: you choose the times and dates that work best. Skilled, experienced staff work individually with students to make sure each person passes the testing required.

The Lifeguard Job Application

When you are interested in securing work as an Austin lifeguard, you must fill out a brief job application. Copies of your certification cards must be provided along with any references from former employment. When you work as a lifeguard with an experienced swim company, you will be your own boss and can select as many or as few clients as your schedule permits. Being an independent contractor means that you can also deduct your business expenses, such as gas, mileage and car maintenance costs.

The Rewards of the Job

Everyone has a mental picture of the perfect lifeguard, always fit, well-tanned and smiling. The position requires much more, however. An Austin lifeguard must be absolutely committed to the goal of safety for every swimmer of every age. The skills and experience you put to work now will serve you well in the years to come. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, about 10 people drown every day in our country. Lifeguards are essential keepers of swimming safety so that everyone can fully enjoy the fun and exercise that public and private pools provide.

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