Laser Liposuction- Is It Better Than Traditional Liposuction?

Laser Liposuction- Is It Better Than Traditional Liposuction?

In the world of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is a very common body-contouring procedure that medical practitioners specializing in this field use to eradicate subcutaneous fat from their patient’s bodies. The objective of these doctors is to restore the natural aesthetic figure of the individuals who undergo this treatment despite their age. However, recent developments in the field of laser technology are replacing the traditional procedure that surgeons in this domain around the world have been using for decades. Today, laser liposuction is gaining immense popularity among the members of the medical fraternity and the public as a very effective and secure fat removal procedure.

What makes this clinic so popular?

Sono Bello is a popular cosmetic surgery clinic in America that stand out in the market when it comes to offering innovative and state of the art micro-laser liposuction treatments at down to affordable prices. Its brand product, TriSculpt, is very popular among people who want get rid of the diet and exercise-resistant subcutaneous fat from various part of their bodies. This prominent healthcare clinic has branches in over 32 locations across the United States. It also employ a team of over 100 board-certified medical practitioners who have made their mark in the area of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery. They are responsible for conducting over 10,000 successful body-transformation procedures to the satisfaction of their clients.

How does the procedure work?

The specialists from this prominent cosmetic surgical clinic explain that people avoid undergoing traditional liposuction operation because of one important drawback.  In this procedure, the medical practitioner carrying out the treatment needs to cut open the sections of patient’s body where he/she has to drain out the subcutaneous fat deposits. Due to this, there is also the potential risk of excessive bleeding, blood clots, scaring, bruising and infections in people opting for this treatment. However, in the case of micro-laser liposuction, this doctor can now use a mild laser to melt such fat accumulates in those parts of that individual’s body. With the help of negligible incisions that he/she makes in the patient’s body, he/she is able to suck out such fat deposit in form of a liquid, with the help of powerful a vacuum pump. In addition to this, the laser helps to tighten the skin of that person so he/she does not have to worry about sagging skin.

Advantages of micro-laser liposuction

The professionals further explain that micro-laser liposuction has the following advantages over the traditional body-contouring procedure:

  • FAD Approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration certify that micro-laser liposuction is very effective and secure body-contouring technique to remove subcutaneous fat deposits from a patient’s body.

  • Minimizes scaring

One of the inherent risks of traditional liposuction procedures is that there is always a possibility of patients can suffer excessive bleeding and scaring because of the doctor’s cuts. Fortunately, in the case of micro-laser liposuction, such individuals do not face such hazards during the operation.

  • Recovery time

The time it takes for patients to recover from a micro-laser liposuction operation is shorter the traditional version.

The specialists of Sono Bello say that in addition to the above benefits micro-laser liposuction is also cheaper than the traditional version.

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