Lab Created Sapphire Rings Make Compelling Gifts

Lab Created Sapphire Rings Make Compelling Gifts

Shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry for your sweetheart is a task of monumental importance, but the sheer volume of choices offered by a jeweler can be overwhelming at times. If you want to make a statement that is both bold and elegant, consider looking into lab created sapphire rings. Here are a few reasons these rings make such amazing gifts.

Offering a Perfection Even Greater Than Nature Provides

Contrary to what those unfamiliar with the particulars of lab created gemstones might imagine, the gemstones used in lab created sapphire rings are the real things, not imitations. They are optically, chemically, and physically almost indistinguishable from natural gemstones. In fact, most people would be unable to tell the difference between natural and lab created sapphires without soliciting the services of a professional gemologist.

Lab created sapphires are generated in controlled clinical environments which simulate the conditions that createthese gemstones in the natural world, in a manner similar to the way that cultured pearls are produced. In the lab, these gemstone-producing conditions can be manipulated in such a way that the process yields sapphires at a much more rapid rate. The controlled nature of the process also results in sapphires with less imperfections, a benefit that nature doesn’t offer.

Demonstrating a Respect for Nature as Great as Your Respect for the Recipient

As you probably already know, there are many occasions in life where the meaning behind a gift is perhaps even more important than the gift itself. If you’re looking for a gift that makes a statement that goes above and beyond love and adoration, lab created sapphire is for you, and here’s why. The science employed in the creation of lab created sapphire has a lower carbon footprint is much gentler on the environment than the process of mining natural gemstones from the land. This makes it a truly sensitive and thoughtful gift that demonstrates that your consideration and respect for the natural world is as important to you as your respect for your beloved.

In fact, for this reason, lab created sapphire engagement rings are perfect for proposals, conveying so much rich significance without words. If your intended betrothed was born in September, this choice is even more ideal, since sapphire is a September baby’s birthstone.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see that lab created sapphire rings offer so much more than beauty alone. One of these rings can also be a powerful testimony to the depth and breadth of your emotional sentiment for the recipient, as well as your worldly consciousness in general.

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