Ketogenic diet Vs Atkin’s Diet – Choose the Better One for You

Ketogenic diet Vs Atkin’s Diet – Choose the Better One for You

Over the years there has been plethora of diets either encouraging weight loss or gaining muscle mass. Diets are different from each other and it works differently on different type of people. This mainly depends on the body composition of the people.

Therefore, not all diets are successful for everyone. Most of the people gain weight because of insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. About 90 percent of the world’s population are having more fat percentage in their body than required. Therefore, it has been medically proved that Ketogenic diet and Atkin’s Diet is beneficial for most of the cases.

Ketogenic diet mainly concentrates on the ratio of fat and protein. While Atkin’s diet is more concentrated on low carbohydrate, high fat and protein as per body requirements. In this article, we will check how both the diets are different and how it can be applied to get maximum results.

Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet is more of a scientific approach towards fat loss. Ketogenic diet is successful for people with high diabetes, epilepsy and first stage of cancer. Needless to say, diabetes people are highly insulin resistance and it causes glucose to get accumulated instead of getting used up. With age the basal metabolic rate decreases so glucose will get accumulated in various parts of the body.

Ketogenic diet uses up ketones which is being formed in the liver. In this diet, the person is first put in glucose starvation. Glucose starvation will depend on the fat percentage and muscle mass of the person. As the person starves, the body enters into a fighting phase. Most of the gene inhibiting and immune inhibiting cells survives energy from glucose. As the body starves the cells get energy from ketones and thus the genes get activated.

It alters the insulin and hormone response. The gene activation starts and growth hormone increases. You will also experience glowing skin when you are into this diet. When you are in your ideal body shape then you will need to include carbohydrates from complex source. Complex source will include green vegetables and fruits with a mixture of red rice, quinoa, wheat.

Also, to inhibit water retention in the body it states that you must have no forms of simple sugar and least amount of salt. Most of the people in the United States opt for keto meals. Since it is very popular among celebrities you will get meal delivery service as well. You can opt for Los Angeles keto meal delivery at your door step.

Atkins diet

Atkins diet is incredibly popular and controversial of all the diets. It stresses on limiting the carbohydrate intake. It is a type of ketogenic diet but there are differences of its own. Atkins diet was invented by Dr Atkins and it created a revolutionary weight loss among obsessed people.

He hinted that a diet low in diet helped to lose weight quickly. He took calorie count into account and divided the fats and the protein accordingly. Atkins diet was primarily on low carbohydrate which meant you still need to consume some amount of carbohydrate.

The differences

Atkins diet takes carbohydrate in consideration. Thus, it is best for those who are obsessed and those who want to maintain their body. While on the other hand ketogenic diet mainly focuses on fat and protein while carb cycling.

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