Keep the Focus on the Subject While Editing with a Photo Editing Software

Keep the Focus on the Subject While Editing with a Photo Editing Software

No photo is perfect. The images that you see online or in a magazine have gone through editing with a good photo editing software. A professional photographer can easily edit images and make it look realistic.

Keeping it Simple

You might have heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. The same rule applies during editing images too. The perfect picture will have right lighting and colour. If any one of these goes wrong, then the photo might not be able to attract the viewers.

When it comes to editing with a photo editing software, you first need to understand the basics. Every editing software is different and will have different features. You can always experiment with the features and check how the final result will be. A simple rule of thumb is to keep the editing to a minimal. You can visit the photo editing software page to learn more about using photo editing tool.

Cropping is also an essential element for editing. If you plan to crop an image and use it for another photo, then you might need to blend the cropped image with the background of the final photo. Over cropping can easily spoil the originality of the image. A best approach would be to take a print out of the original photo and then check what to crop out.

How much is Too Much in a Photo Editing Software

If you are new to photography, this would be the first question that will come to your mind when editing. This again depends on the quality of the photo. When it comes to editing, it is always better to work on a copy, rather than the original file. If the editing does not come out the way you want it, you can always make another copy from the original file.

Some of the mistakes that you can avoid and learn from include:

  • Using the sharpening feature to the maximum, leading to too much noise, artifacts and halos
  • Making use of the contrast features to the maximum, thereby giving no space to details
  • Clicking photos in JPEG formats and editing them
  • Photo editing software and Overusing the HDR feature
  • Using too much blur filters for the bokeh effect
  • Not using the right colour tones and actions

Give some thought to layers, curves and textures. Secondly, before working on editing, you might need to educate yourself on the photo editing software.

Photo Editing Software to Edit Portraits

If you have a portrait that needs to edited, then you might need to be subtle with the changes. When viewers look at portraits, their eyes immediately get drawn to the skin, eyes and mouth. If any of these are out of proportion, then the entire purpose of editing is lost.

Many amateur photographers make the mistake of overdoing the eyes. You need to make the eyes look more natural and choose the right tones. Choose the right skin smoothening technique in the photo editing software to give a realistic effect to the portrait. When it comes to the mouth, the teeth should be naturally white, rather than sparkling or too bright.

There are many tutorials online for using a photo editing software that teach you how to edit photos the right way. Editing can be fun, provided you know when to stop and keep the originality of the photos.

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