How to Talk About Teens Use and Misuse of Drugs with Your Child?

How to Talk About Teens Use and Misuse of Drugs with Your Child?

When your kids enter their teenage years, they feel grown up but are still not prepared to make healthy choices. They are vulnerable and can indulge in experimenting drugs placing their health safety at stake. It is crucial to talk to them about drug use consequences and significance of healthy choices.

Reasons teen possibly misuse drugs

Many factors are responsible for teens using and misusing drugs. The start occurs often in social environment, where substances like cigs and alcohol are easily accessible. Consistent use may be due to social acceptance insecurities. Teens can feel enduring and may ignore the consequences that can route them towards fatal risks using drugs.

Common risk factors reported at the drug rehab center in Blain, MN related to ten drug abuse are given below.

  • Impulsive behavior
  • Substance abuse family history
  • Mental health condition like anxiety, depression, or ADHD
  • Traumatic event history like being abused or experienced car accident
  • Low self-confidence
  • Feeling of social denial

Teen drug abuse consequences

Misuse of drugs is related with –

  • Serious drug dependence overtime
  • Poor judgment in social and personal interactions
  • Risky sexual activity, unplanned pregnancy and unsafe sex
  • Increase in risky mental health disorders
  • Deterioration in academic performance
  • DUI impair driver’s motor skills that puts everyone in the car and others on road at risk

Drugs impact on teen’s health

Drug addiction, illness, severe damage, and death are the consequences of drug use.

Health risks include –

  • Heart attack, stroke & seizures
  • Heart & liver failure
  • Impairment of memory, concentration, learning and problem solving
  • Psychotic behaviors include hallucinations, paranoia or schizophrenia
  • Respiratory distress or even death from overdose

How to discuss about drug use with your teens?

Choose a time when you are not going to be disturbed. It is crucial to be aware when not to discuss like when you are angry or your child is high or you are not ready to answer questions.

Ask their views

No lectures but listen to their point of view and questions regarding drugs. Create an environment that is warm and your child is not afraid to ask questions and be honest.

Discuss reasons of staying away from drugs

No scare tactics but highlight how drug use will impact the things that is crucial to them like driving, appearance, health, and sports.

Consider media messages

Movies, TV program, Social media, etc. can underestimate or idealize drug use but discuss what the teen listens to and sees.

Discuss how to repel peer pressure

Talk with your child on ways to refuse drug offers from peer.

Be prepared to talk about your personal drug use

If you were using drugs then share your experience and if you chose not to then explain the reasons.

Other strategies to protect teen from drug abuse

  • Know teens whereabouts
  • Get involved in adult supervised happenings your child is interested in
  • Be familiar with your kids’ friends
  • Monitor OTC and every prescription drug in your home
  • Be a role model like use prescribed drugs or drink in moderation
  • Build a strong bond with your teen with encouragement and praise

Always keep an eye on drug abuse warning signs like extreme changes suddenly, irresponsible behavior, isolation, breaking rules and presence of drug paraphernalia in the kid’s room. In case you doubt then talk to them, check regularly or take professional help.

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