Hiring the Right Lawyer After an Accident is Extremely Important

Hiring the Right Lawyer After an Accident is Extremely Important

At one time or another most everyone suffers an injury that is not their fault. It could be a car accident – which is one of the most common types of injuries – or something happened to cause you to slip and fall; maybe you or a loved one were the victim of a defective product or medical device that caused injury; perhaps there has been a brain or spinal cord injury, or worse yet, a death has occurred because of someone else’s neglect, carelessness, or otherwise wrongdoing. And when there’s been an injury, it will also likely mean there’s a loss of income, on top of all the medical bills.

Dealing with the other party’s insurance company may start out seemingly okay, but before long they’re no longer willing to provide care you still need, or they don’t want to fairly compensate you for your injuries. That’s when, instead of settling, your start searching for a personal injury defense lawyer in Venice, FL. You would even be better off by not dealing with the insurance company at all. Get a lawyer right away.

You Don’t Want to Go to Court so Why Hire a Lawyer?

Many people don’t want to think in terms of suing someone right off the bat. But historically speaking, the insurance companies aren’t willing, nor do they want to pay anything more than is necessary, so they try to settle cases as quickly as possible and by paying as little as possible. Unfortunately, many people settle because they have no idea what their injuries and pain and suffering is worth. That’s why it’s so important to get a personal injury attorney in Venice, Florida before signing anything from the insurance company. And just because you’re hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re headed for court. Many cases settle before getting to court.

Because you’re not familiar with personal injury cases you most likely have no idea what your or a loved one’s injury is worth in terms of money. Personal injury lawyers do, because they see these cases all the time and this is what their specialty is.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are a dime a dozen, so be careful when retaining one. Look for a lawyer who has experience and who has a good track record of successfully settling cases for their clients. Ask family members, co-workers or friends for recommendations. There are websites on which lawyers are rated for how they deal with clients and on how successful they’ve been for them. You may want to check them out.

More importantly, you want a lawyer whose firm has trained professional staff, and a lawyer who you can personally speak and deal with. Many firms are so big that you talk to investigators and paralegals, but never the actual attorney.  You also want a lawyer who is familiar with local and state codes as they become very important in many personal injury cases. The lawyer should also be compassionate with you while being tough on the other guys.

Money isn’t always the answer to everything, but sometimes money is the only way to punish the other party for their negligence and wrong-doing. So, as you’re looking for a personal injury defense lawyer in Venice, FL, make sure you hire one who’s aggressive enough to get you every dime you deserve.

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