Gold Jewelry Is Hot Favorite Of Indian Women

Jewelry is being used in the Indian subcontinent for a long time. It survived change of governments and cultures. For over 5000 years it made its way through political upheavals. It was pretty common among Indians because supply of precious metals and gems was very much abundant in that piece of land. Indus valley civilization is considered as the first one that made and used jewelry. By 1500 BC they had started making gold necklaces and earrings, bead necklaces and bangles made of copper and other metals. Prior to use of metals, beads were very common. Bead makers used rough stones. The stones were heated up until they became red. This color was the favorite of inhabitants of the Indus valley. After that the stone was cut to adjust its size and then a hole was drilled into it. After that beads were polished and designs were painted on them. In the Indus valley, women were fond of wearing jewelry. Shell as well as clay bracelets were worn on wrists. Sometimes these bracelets were shaped like doughnuts. But women knew that they were not durable. So there was a need for a more durable jewelry. So metals or glass were used to make bangles.

They also started wearing gold jewelry. Thin bands of gold were worn on the head. There were gold earrings and rings. There is a female skeleton in National Museum located in New Delhi, India. The skeleton wears a carlinean bangle on the left hand. In Hinduism gold and silver are sacred metals. Gold symbolizes warmth of the sun and silver, the cool of the moon. Both gold and silver are essential elements of the Indian culture. Nowadays there are plenty of online jewelry stores to buy from.

Indeed,jewellery online shopping lowest priceattracts buyers. There is a reason to buy from jewellery shops online. You may have to wait for long hours if you are heading for a purchase from a regular market and instead get stuck in a long traffic jam. While in online jewellery shopping there is no chance of getting stuck in traffic. All you need to do is open your laptop and surf through a variety of designs. Moreover, online gold jewellery shopping india is also hassle free. You don’t have to wait in long queues if you want to purchase your favorite item. Your favorite jewellery online is just a click away.

But there are some precautions to take into consideration while you go for online jewellery shopping india. You should keep in mind that only solid gold lasts long. Gold with 10k and 14k tag mark, though cost low, need to be replaced earlier than a solid gold jewelry. As for the designs of indianjewellery online the results are overwhelming. Moreover it is easier to see and select from hundreds of designs online than a physical store. You can opt for a gold necklace, gold ring, gold earrings, gold bracelets, gold chains, yellow gold, white gold, gold in combination with diamonds and gold in combination with gemstones. There are engagement rings to make your special moment a lifetime memory.

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