Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mother

Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mother

Your mother didn’t just care for you as a young one, she provided for and supported you in ways you may never fully understand. This is why you should take care to buy her a gift that she actually wants. With Christmas fast approaching and her next birthday possibly coming around the corner, it’s important to put thought and effort into getting her a gift.

While there are plenty of great gift ideas for women, like customized mugs and wine glasses, that she would love, there are some all-too-common gifts that she will want nothing to do with.

Here are some gift ideas that will take you in the wrong direction and potentially make your mother sad, confused, or even angry. Don’t buy any of the following if you want to stay in her good graces.


Candles are like bottles of water. They’re everywhere, so none of them are remarkable. Candles are gift crazes, but unless your mother is a self-professed candle enthusiast or addict, don’t buy her one. They’re generic and don’t make an impact. Don’t you want your mother to receive a gift that she’ll actually be surprised to open?

Gifts Tied to Duties

Mothers don’t want gifts that remind them of work they have to do. You wouldn’t buy your mother a rag and say, “Get to work!” so don’t buy her cookware or exercise equipment, unless she has specifically asked for it.

Clothing (If You’re a Man)

If a man is reading this, don’t buy your mother clothing. Hand your money over to a woman who could do a much better job than you of choosing something. If you want to buy simple and easily fitting clothing, try a funny graphic T-shirt. But skirts, jackets, and other clothes that are more complex need a woman’s touch.

Gifts for Dad

You’d be surprised how many people buy gifts for Mom that are actually gifts for Dad. There are plenty of good gift ideas for women out there. Ask yourself, who would be using this gift more often? Who would appreciate it more? If the answer is your dad, then save the gift for him and get your mother something that’s hers and hers only. It’s the least she deserves?

If this list has left you frustrated, then don’t fret. There are many gift ideas for women that your mother would love, like wine glasses, humorous gifts, and sleep masks. Visit online stores like Funny Parent Gifts to find thoughtful, useful gifts your mother will actually love.

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