Get the Best Value for your Money while Buying a Refrigerator

Get the Best Value for your Money while Buying a Refrigerator

It is necessary to start making moves for saving the environment, by contributing less towards carbon footprints. This you can start by purchasing a good quality appliance. The consumer market is full of electronics that can make you lazy, but there are also appliances beneficial in your daily life. One such appliance is a refrigerator that can be added to your basic necessity.

Refrigerator was initially introduced by Voltas Company in India. Although there are many brands like Godrej, Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Samsung etc. that have captured the entire market, but only certain brands can be trusted. Often it is seen that salesmen try to impose products that are expensive. However, we shouldn’t blindly trust them. Even if you like a product, the best way to understand its calibre is by checking the reviews online.

Generally, there are frequent mistakes made by consumers –

  • Trusting only brands
  • Purchasing wrong size
  • Not preparing budget
  • Not paying attention to energy cost
  • Getting attracted to features

Trusting wrong brands

Many people buy appliances of the brand that is promoted the most. Advertisements are source of knowledge for the public. Those advertisements where they choose celebrities to promote their appliances are considered to be the best brands. However, the truth is, top brands have the same parts and accessories that a low fame brand contains. The only difference is in the pricing. So, ensure to choose a brand with high quality.

Purchasing wrong size

Refrigerators have now become a stature of family. People buy large refrigerators for their family when the members are only 2 or 3. A large unit involves large amount of money and more maintenance with increased electricity bill. Always do proper research and understand your requirement before selecting a model of large capacity.

Not preparing budget

Before going for shopping, it is always wise to decide a budget beforehand. When you do so you look for models within your budget otherwise you simply get attracted towards the expensive items and end up wasting money. If you know your budget then you would know the kind of features and power available in it and that is how you select your model.

Not paying attention to energy cost

Although brands claim to have the best energy saving appliance but, refrigerators are always hungry for power source. Since the entire mechanism is of cooling object therefore, the machine uses all its power to give proper cooling. If you compromise on quality, you might end up giving more money to electricity bill. It is better to purchase a refrigerator that’s energy efficient but within your budget.

Getting attracted to features

With time, the designs and features of a simple refrigerator has changed tremendously. Now, there are side by side, bottom freezer mounted and also French door refrigerators available. These machines are now available with automatic defrost system with ice and water dispenser attached to it. It is good to get attracted to such features but it will also increase your price. Moreover, maintenance of these models is also expensive. Therefore, understand your needs and basic requirements before getting attracted to high-end models.

If you have a basic need of a fridge, then single and double door refrigerators are still the favourite of middle class. Pay for what you understand well because you cannot get top features, at budget price.

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