Get the Best Deals on Remy Hair

Get the Best Deals on Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are usually more expensive than non-Remy hair. These extensions are carefully sourced from a single donor using methods that align the cuticles and follicles and ensure that the texture pattern is uniform. Non-Remy hair may be cheaper, but it is often gathered from the floors of salons or temples, heavily processed to strip the cuticles, and coated with silicone. As this coating wears down, non-Remy hair will lose its shine and become matted and tangled. You can avoid many tangles by ordering Remy hair for sale online.

Rely On a Trusted Retailer

A trustworthy retailer will only label bundles 100% Remy that do not contain any intermixture of non-Remy hair. Experts may be able to quickly verify whether a given bundle is completely Remy, but many wearers will only be able to tell the truth after several weeks when non-Remy hair becomes matted and tangled. You may need to rely on reviews as you start searching for Remy hair for sale online. Once you have placed a few orders, you should have a better sense of which retailers you trust to provide top-quality Remy hair.

Look for Quantity Discounts

Major retailers may offer quantity discounts to offset some of the premium paid for Remy hair. Each bundle of Remy hair weighs between two-and-a-half and three ounces, and the average wearer will require at least eight to ten ounces of hair for a full installation. The number of bundles needed also depends on the length of the extensions. Wearers typically require at least two bundles for extensions between 12 and 16 inches long and up to four bundles for extensions in the 26 to 30-inch range.

Treat Your Remy Hair Right

Read the instructions on the site where you place your order to determine how to care for Remy hair. Many sellers recommend that customers seal the wefts on extensions to reduce shedding and prolong the life of your style. It is also recommended thatwearers wash the hair every week or two with conditioner and use shampoo no more than once every two weeks.

As you seek to buy cheap Remy hair online, keep in mind that higher quality extensions tend to cost a little more and last a lot longer. Make sure that the retailer you choose has the quantity of bundles you need in the length you want. The right provider of Remy hair for sale online should make it easy to achieve any style.

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