Ensuring Proper Representation When Court Martialed

Ensuring Proper Representation When Court Martialed

Soldiers risk their lives to protect their country. It seems only logical that the men who protect freedom should be protected with equal vigor in the event of being court martialed. A court martial lawyer can provide fair representation, and be your voice in court. An event like this may throw a kink in your life, but having a lawyer to defend you can help straighten things out faster and more efficiently. Here are a few things you may want to understand as you go through this process.

Understanding What Being Court Martial Is

Court martial is the equivalent of the judicial court of civilian citizens. As a soldier, you will be judged by military laws you may have been accused of breaking. Depending on how serious the accusation is, you may be sent to General Court Martial, Special Court Martial or Summary Court Martial. Regardless of which court you’re being judged in, it is often advisable to have a military defense lawyer by your side. General Court Martial is the highest court you can be sent to. If you are put on trial in this court, you will be judged by a military jury with around five people and a military judge. Special Court Martial is for slightly less serious crimes and consists of only approximately three officers and a military judge. While the other courts are for serious issues, if you are accused of minor misconduct, you may be asked to go to Summary Court Martial. However, you typically can’t be judged by this court of one commission officer unless you have given your consent. A court martial defense lawyer may be able to help you better understand all the special legal connotations that accompany each of these courts.

Seeing the Benefits of a Military Defense Lawyer

There often can be many benefits to having a lawyer by your side to plead your case. In some cases, a good lawyer can greatly affect the outcome of the military trial. Having an experienced lawyer to work with you before going to court to build your case may give you the best chance at having a lesser sentence or, depending on the situation, all charges dropped.

When choosing a lawyer, it is typically a wise decision to find someone who has experience and your best interest in mind. Ultimately, having a court martial lawyer to represent you in court is one way you can give yourself peace of mind during this process.

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