Disadvantages of Homework for Students and What to Do About It

Disadvantages of Homework for Students and What to Do About It

There has always a long term debate on whether homework does students any good. The purpose of homework is to bridge the gap between learning at home and in school. But, they do more bad than good. This is why essay agents writing service are becoming so popular to make up for its advantage. Here are some of the disadvantages of homework for students that you should know about –

It Eats Up Free Time – Homework eats up valuable time that the children can spend with their parents or on extra circular activities or catch up with friends. For others, it can interfere with their social life as well as part time work in order to earn money.Image result for Disadvantages of Homework for Students and What to Do About It

Makes the Child Burn Out – Since children come home after spending their entire day in school, they will feel tired. They will not feel like sitting and completing their homework as it will only cause more stress on the child. Homework that are assigned to them during term breaks or summer holidays can

Homework is Not Valuable in Learning – Even though teachers try to set homework that is interesting and engaging, they add very little to no value to the learning. Large volume of homework can also lead to sleep deprivation in children as they are not able to allot time to working on each of them.

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