What Are The Different Designs Of Bangles Available For Women

What Are The Different Designs Of Bangles Available For Women

Every jewelry piece holds a significant place in the life of a woman. In Hindu tradition, bangles are an ornament that can’t be separated from a woman’s life. If you are a married woman, you will get an exclusion collection of ornaments that suggest something specific. Bangles signify good luck and prosperity. Made up of glass, gold, diamond, or other metals, it makes it best for various types of occasions.

Importance of diamond bangles

Diamond is known for its timeless appeal, versatile nature and classy look. It has always grabbed attention of people. Both gold and diamond bangles are the best ways to express personal style of a person. Its craze has been since time immemorial and is going to be in trend for many more years to come.

Before buying a bangle online, it would be beneficial to compare its price. There are various online jewelry websites where you can find diamond bangles designs with price.

Varieties offered in category of diamond bangles

To meet different requirements as per occasion, you will find different types of diamond bangles online.

  • Floral designs diamond bangles
  • Designer diamond bangles
  • Diamond bracelet bangles
  • Bridal diamond bangles
  • Traditional diamond bangles

Bangles according to region

People of different regions have different preferences and customs when it comes to wearing bangles. In Punjab, you will find bangles made up of ivory. In Bengal, bangles made using conch have got utmost importance. In UP, brides are expected to wear red colored bangles due to its auspiciousness.

In other regions like Karnataka and Maharashtra, wearing green colored glass bangles by brides at their wedding time is a part of the ritual. Understanding the significance of bangles in the life of a women bangles online shopping presents you the widest collection of bangles to make a woman look beautiful and classy. To find the most affordable bangles, you must compare gold bangles design with weight.

Popular types of bangles

Bridal Bangles

Available in modern and newest designs for brides, bridal bangles come in the finest finishing. These traditional bridal bangles are designed with beautiful gemstones like pearls that improvise the overall appearance of the stunning bride. Available in different price range, you will find an exclusive online collection to choose from.


A kada is a broader form of an ordinary bangle. It is mostly paired with a lighter set of bangles. It gives your attire a heavier look. Kada can also be worn individually to add dazzle and brightness to your hand. Whether you want for a traditional occasion or to wear on an Indo-Western outfit, mesmerizing design of bangles online shopping would get you the perfect one.

Laser cut bangles

Extensive range of laser cut bangles just sways your hand with ecstasy and happiness. These bangles come in kundan meena and gold plated bangles.


Bangles have been adorned by the newlyweds and would be brides. Without colorful and studded bangles, no makeup is complete. Bangles add gracefulness and elegance to any women. All these different bangle designs make a woman look more charming and beautiful.

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