Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide – How to Select the Best One

Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide – How to Select the Best One

Needless to say, proposing a marriage is the best way of expressing love by gifting your loved one a diamond engagement ring. You must select a ring according to her taste. Often it is hard to get “the” ring for your would-be wife. On the other hand, you must not forget the budget and also the symbolism of the ring.

So now that you have decided to buy an engagement ring then you must buy something alluring, exceptionally beautiful and meant to be for her. It must be attention grabbing and beautiful at the same time. Making an excellent purchase is a daunting task, especially for those who have no experience. Diamond engagement rings are of various types. In this article, we will suggest what diamond ring type will be appropriate for your would-be wife.

Knowing her preferences

At the time of meeting her pay special attention to her jewelry preference. It will help you it in understanding what kind of diamond ring she might prefer. Also, you must understand the type of metal she prefers. Engagement rings come in various shape, size, design and in different metal setting. Obviously, the best will be the platinum setting for any diamond ring but keep her likes in mind before you place an order.

Style statement

Ring should complement her style statement. Keep in mind she will be wearing the ring most of the time in her life. Therefore, the ring ought to compliment her fashion sense daily and occasionally. If she sports the urban chic look gift her something that is a modern and will go with her wardrobe.

If she sports a traditional look you can go for the traditional ring. Keep her personality in mind as well. You can go for solitaire stacked ring if she has long fingers and slender arms. On the other hand, for petite one marquise diamond setting will be better.

Different types of rings for different fingers

Rings for long fingers

Princess cut solitaire gold engagement rings look beautiful on long and slender fingers. You can keep the engagement ring simple and classy.

Fuller fingers

Fuller fingers are usually smaller and designed rings looks best on them. Keeping bigger nails can give it an illusion of bigger nails. The design of your engagement ring will add to the beauty of the ring.

Small fingers

For small fingers it is suggested that you must go with the floral designs or smaller diamonds with delicate designs. The ring must not be very big and it should complement her hand.

Precious stones specification

Needless to say, diamonds are only white in color. However, not all ladies love diamonds your lady love may like sapphires, rubies or emeralds. You must keep that in mind while selecting your diamond engagement ring. You can select a design where the diamond comes in embedded with other precious stone of her choice.


At the end lastly, you must not forget your budget. You can keep an extra amount of money by the side in case you like something else but keep a range in mind. You are planning to start a new life you should balance emotions and reality side by side.

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