Decorating a Christmas Tree – Ideas to Make it Look the Best

Decorating a Christmas Tree – Ideas to Make it Look the Best

Christmas tree is not only just another family tradition. Decorating a Christmas tree is a form of art and showcasing one’s creativity. Needless to say, Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in Italy and Italians celebrate it in a grand way. It is true that anyone can decorate a Christmas tree but decorating it in a splendid way requires talent, thought and a good eye for design. To make your tree stand out during the festive time, here are few things that you must keep in mind:


Every event has a theme and decorations are made accordingly. First and foremost, decide the theme of your Christmas and then plan ahead with your tree. For example, if you want to go for a glitz and glamour type of theme you must go with festoons and ribbons which will either match with the color combination or be in contrast with it. Metallic interiors are in trend this festive season so you can go for a metallic theme. However, do not overdo it, keep it simple with dull metallic or with a little bit of sheen.


A well decorated and designed tree should not be having all colors in it. rather it should have one specific color or a maximum of three colors that will go along with the mood and theme of the event. If you are not sure about how to come up with color coordination, a good place to start is with Holyart.

In holyart you will get each and every decorative item in a color coordinated package. You can just pick up and start styling your Christmas tree. You can also check the color wheel and read about color theory and then pick up essentials from Holyart. To throw some more light on the color, a white tree can great backdrop for any type of decorations while the green tree will be a limiting factor and only few colors will go with it as green is a primary color base.


Most of the people go over boar with ornamentations. Trees that are sparsely decorated with an eye-catching background often get noticed rather than those trees which do are heavily decorated. Therefore, keep the quantity of the decorations low and the quality high to gain appreciation.

Variety of decorations

There are variety of decorations that you must consider and plan even before you have started shopping. It is advised that you must not go for all designs and shapes while doing a Christmas tree. You must always go for two shapes at the most. Keep it simple to make an impact.

Christmas tree shape

Traditional Christmas tree is no more in fashion. This is because Christmas tree have lately become much of a decorative item and conical shapes are preferred over the old ones. Moreover, with urban and chic décor of Italian houses slim one goes best with the interiors.


Adding a bit of uniqueness is always preferred instead of blindly following the trend. For example, if you are a working woman you can add work décor to the tree or even if you are a mother you can add baby type of décor to it.

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