Creative Uses For Shock Cords

Creative Uses For Shock Cords

An elastic shock cord is a very useful thing to have around your house. It can hold things like rolled up tarps closed. It can secure things to the top of your car. But, there are many other things a shock cord can do that you may not have even considered.


Many stores have ball cages to display the balls while also keeping them contained. You can make one of these at home. All you need is a frame to attach the cord to and you have a storage space for balls, children’s toys, or other items around your house.


If you’re tired of having your groceries sliding and falling around in the trunk or back seat, you can use shock cords to hold the bags in place. You can thread the cord through the tops of the bags or put it in front of the bags like a seatbelt. Both methods will help hold your groceries in place so you won’t have any more squished bread or cracked eggs.

Curtain Rod Substitute

You can hang curtains with a shock cord instead of getting a curtain rod. With a shock cord, you don’t have to worry about measuring the window and getting a curtain rod that’s the right size.


Shock cords are very useful for baby-proofing your house. A cloth and some bungee cords can create an effective baby gate that will keep your child from climbing up the stairs. Shock cords can also be wrapped around drawer handles to keep your baby out of the kitchen drawers.


If your dryer is on the fritz or you just want to harness the natural powers of the wind, you can use shock cords as clotheslines. They’re easier to put up and take down than the clotheslines that have to be wrapped and tied around things. And, since they stretch, you don’t have to worry about having a long enough clothesline.

Quick Fixes

Shock cords can also be used to fix many broken things. They can take the place of broken pieces on several different items. For example, a plant lattice that’s missing a piece can have that piece replaced by a shock cord.

These are just a few uses for anĀ elastic shock cord. You can use shock cords in countless different ways. You’ll be surprised how many problems can be solved with a simple shock cord if you just think outside the box.

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