When to Consider Home Care for Your Aging Parents

When you’re used to your parents being capable and dependable, it can be difficult to notice signs they need help. Especially when they insist everything is fine, you’re probably inclined to take their word for it. Unfortunately, when older adults don’t receive the assistance they need, it can lead to a significant decline in quality of life or even endanger their health and safety. If you’re not sure if you need to hire a Del Mar caregiver for your aging parents, the following are signs it may be time to consider home care.

An Increasingly Messy or Uncared for Home

If you’ve noticed the home of a parent is suffering from neglect, this can be a sign they need help. If a once tidy home isplagued with unwashed laundry, excessive clutter, piles of unopened mail and a general lack of cleanliness,it can indicate they’re having trouble keeping up with the normal demands of a household.

It may be they’re struggling with the physical demands of cleaning. It could also be that changes in cognition mean they forget to take care of things or don’t recognize it as a problem. This doesn’t have to mean the end of independence. Hiring a Del Mar caregiver to assist with light housekeeping can keep your older family members living in a clean and cared for home.

Unexplained Weight Loss or Changes in Eating Habits

It’s not unusual for older adults who live alone to simplify meal preparation, but if you notice they’re losing weight it could indicate they’re no longer eating sufficiently. Comments about not bothering to cook for just themselves, or finding a lot of spoiled food in the refrigerator may mean they’re forgetting to eat or find meal preparation too difficult.

Frequent Falls or Trouble Sitting, Standing or Bending

If your loved one has a history of falls, it can mean their balance and physical strength is declining. Hiring a Del Mar caregiver or Oceanside caregiver to assist them getting in and out of bed, up and down stairs or on and off chairs can be the difference between a normal day at home and another trip to the hospital. Even beyond basic safety, having someone around who can help them perform tasks and chores that would be difficult or impossible on their own can greatly improve the quality of their life.

Growing older can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of independence or a deteriorating quality of life. Your parents may be hesitant to ask for help themselves, but if you notice one of the above signs, hiring help to come into the home can give them the assistance they need without sacrificing their dignity.

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