Few Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Fulvic Acid

Few Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Fulvic Acid

In this small article, we will try to answer some of the questions that are often asked regarding Fulvic acid. Following are these questions and their answers.

  • Is it possible that in Fulvic solution you can get 100 per cent Fulvic mineral?

Yes, that is because within humic substances fulvic is a natural component which is isolated from fulvic trace minerals and it is bottled. Thus, 100 per cent fulvic is added with water so that it can be kept in liquid form.

  • Can we get many minerals by taking other supplements?

The answer is No. That is because fulvic acid is generally extracted from plant material and not from clay or rock.

  • Will there be any harm if we take more than 1 oz per day?

No there will be no harm you can take even 2 to 3 oz per day based on your body size and your health objectives.

  • Why fulvic acid is not colloidal?

Usually any colloidal particles are solid and therefore it remains as suspension in any liquid. Such particle sizes are bit larger and hence cannot pass through cell membranes. Therefore, it cannot offer much benefit. Humic/fulvic is about 10,000 times smaller as compared to colloidal minerals. Therefore, it cannot be considered as colloidal.

  • Why do we call Fulvic as Fulvic acid?

The reason is something to do with the history behind it. During the fifties medical researchers had used various acids to extract fulvic from humic materials. That is why the product was found to be highly acidic. Therefore, acid became part of the fulvic material in the USA and also in many other parts of the world. Commercial manufacturers are also still maintaining the same name.

  • Why don’t we get fulvic from vegetables and fruits that we eat?

If we lived in perfectly natural life then we would have not needed fulvic by taking vegetables and fruits as it was available in them too. However, in present day farmers are using various chemicals and pesticide for producing vegetables and fruits which kills microorganisms that can produce fulvic. Therefore, we do not get enough fulvic from vegetables and fruits that we eat nowadays.

  • How nature creates Fulvic?

Various microbial activities in the nature can create fulvic which normally happens in the root of the plant. However, our vegetables and fruits are not able to produce the necessary nutrient content that was present few years back.

  • How much time is needed to see actual results?

If you consume Fulvic regularly then you can get many different benefits in your health. You will find increased level of energy, good sleep during night. However, this does not take place immediately, but if you are consistent and regular then you will begin to notice the results. Usually, it will not be you, but others will notice changes in you.

  • How long you need to continue taking Fulvic?

That depends upon your past background like how much junk foods that you were eating, how much chemicals or alcohol you have been consuming and your life style that you maintained earlier.

  • Is there any side effects observed?

Some people may observe few unpleasant reactions in the beginning and in such case one should reduce the dose till you eliminate the symptoms then slowly increase the dosage.

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