What Can a Freelance Voice Over Artist Do For You?

What Can a Freelance Voice Over Artist Do For You?

If you are making a commercial, documentary, online tutorial or other type of media with a voice in the background, you may be thinking about using your own voice in the production. This will save you a bit of money over hiring a freelance voice over artist; however, the costs of not hiring professional voice talent could outweigh the benefits. Hiring someone to do freelance voice over work for you could be the difference between a poorly received project and a highly successful one.

Professionals Can Make Your Voice Over More Engaging

A freelance voice over artist has perfected the art of expression. This is a harder skill than you might expect, but the professionals do it well. For someone who is inexperienced, it is easy to fall into a monotone when reading a script. The ups and downs in our voices that make our speech interesting come naturally when we are expressing ourselves extemporaneously, but for some reason are difficult to conjure authentically when reading prepared words. Getting the tone right is something that experienced professionals have practiced endlessly.

Even if you can avoid speaking monotonically, conveying an emotion realistically is very difficult for someone who is not a professional.You might think you can make your voice sound excited in that commercial for your new model of pencil sharpener, but it is probably not as convincing as you think it is. A real voice actor can imbue his or her voice with any emotion under the sun and do it believably.

Voice Over Artists Have Good Equipment

When you hire a freelance voice over artist, you are getting more than just the talent. The artist you hire comes along with the professional-grade equipment he or she has acquired and become proficient with. There is a huge difference between recording your own voice in a quiet room with a USB microphone and having a professional do it in a soundproof room with top-of-the-line recording equipment and editing software. The former will be obviously made by an amateur while the latter will sound polished.

Experts Can Help You Improve Your Script

You know what message you want to convey, but are you sure you have chosen the correct words to convey it? A freelance voice over artist sees scripts every day and can differentiate the good from the bad. He or she will be happy to provide feedback on what you have written to help make the final result of your project even better.

As you can see, hiring a freelancer to do voice over work can pay dividends when compared to trying to do it all yourself. Hiring someone may cost you a bit more up front, but the end result will be so much better that the cost will very likely be worth it. Finding a freelance voice over artist will get you much more than just a person to read your script into a microphone. It will get you someone who can help you improve the wording of your script before using his or her voice skills and high-quality equipment to convey your message convincingly and professionally.

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