Buying a solitaire ring? – Which one makes the cut?

Buying a solitaire ring? – Which one makes the cut?

Like it’s rightly said, a diamond is forever, and there’s nothing more perfect than a solitaire for your beloved. Nothing expresses your love like this sparkling rock. While to all the science geeks it may be just another form of compressed carbon, the diamond is undoubtedly the most beautiful rock formation, especially when worn around your finger. These sparkling stones are available in different cuts, and each one looks just as gorgeous. If you’re someone who is new to buying solitaires and has no idea what princess cut or other cuts mean, here’s a guide to help you out.

1) The Princess cut

The princess cut was first created in the year 1980. The princess cut looks similar to the four-sided pyramid shape. It is cut from a rough octahedron stone and is very popular with engagement rings. Mostly square, the princess cut diamond costs lower if the shape is a little rectangular. You could get one for yourself or for your engagement and it’ll get everyone talking about it!

2) Emerald Cut

This one is rectangular and broadens along its sides. Also known as a step cut, the edges look similar to the structure of steps. This particular cut makes it tough to pick one with the perfect colour and superior clarity. Find solitaire rings with this one on it and you’ll hear an ‘I do’.

3) The Cushion cut

This one looks similar to a pillow. A square combined with round corners makes the cushion cut perfect for almost anything. One of the prized possessions for antique dealers, the cushion cut diamond reflects brilliant light through its edges. It has been around for nearly 200 years and is still a favourite among all.

4) The Oval Cut

Perfect for those petite ones with tiny fingers; the elongated Oval cut diamond creates an illusion of having long slender fingers. It is very popular amongst women with short hands. If you’ve got someone like that on your side too, then this one makes the cut.

5) Pear Cut

Shaped like a tear drop this sparkling rock also compliments small hands perfectly. Used with rings, it also makes a better choice when it comes to pendants and earrings. A combination of the Oval and Marquise cut, the pear drop is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved one, even when it’s not a romantic relationship.

6) Heart Shaped

A definite symbol of love is the brilliant heart shaped diamond; perfect for both pendants and rings. One that is more than 50 Carat is ideal for an engagement ring. A smaller one may be difficult to perceive in terms of its clarity.

7) Round Cut

The most popular one is the round cut diamond; they’re also the most sold diamonds across the world. These almost perfect diamonds with amazing light reflection and maximum brightness are meant to be for the perfect one in your life.

Along with the cut, it is also important to check the carat and pricing of each diamond. Other aspects like the clarity and colour would require expert advice.


Looking for a perfect diamond for your beloved? Here’s a guide to help you understand different diamond cuts and pick the right one for the right occasion.

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