Buying New Construction? What to Know First

Buying New Construction? What to Know First

Opting to build yourself a custom home rather than purchasing an existing home is a big decision. But you don’t like the idea of having to deal with what a previous homeowner did with the place, what their décor choices were, and all the emotional ties that come into the negotiations. Whether it’s built on spec or to your preferred specifications, you’d only have to work with the building company.

Naturally, you’ll still need to determine many important things such as location, neighborhood, what you can afford, and on what you’re willing to compromise. You’ll still have to deal with a mortgage lender, taxes, insurance, landscaping, and other extras that go into the whole process. Having a home set to your specifications is a part of fulfilling the American Dream. But there are also pros and cons to consider. When shopping around for Cleburne custom home builders, keep a vigilant eye on the choices you make.

Choices to Make

You’ll have to make many decisions during this process, which will require you to answer questions about precisely what your goal is. What can you afford? Where do you want to build? Do you need to buy a homesite lot first? What’s your time frame? What accommodations are necessary for you? How will you handle delays? Most importantly, when is the best time to sell your existing home and where will you stay temporarily?

When you answer these questions, you’ll then want to research local custom home builders and their reputations, prices, licenses, materials, etc. Hire your own buyer’s agent and legal representation to help guide you through the process. Find out what’s standard and what’s extra in the deal and verify the options and upgrade prices. And always ensure you get a home inspection and warranty coverage as part of the terms.

Pros and Cons

Still not sure about how to weigh the options of buying resale or building new? Between spec homes, semi-custom homes, and full-on customization from the ground up, you’ll have a lot to consider. Did you want a gated subdivision home? Or something remote and private? Most Mansfield custom home builders can tell you about the pros and cons.


  • You’re the first owner of this home!
  • It’s customized to suit your tastes and lifestyle
  • You’ll have modern features and finishes
  • You’ll have the newest energy-saving appliances
  • Save money on maintenance and repairs


  • You can’t move in right away – it takes about 7 months on average
  • The cost will be high when dealing with upgrades, landscaping, etc.
  • There isn’t much room for price negotiations
  • You may have to deal with construction noise and traffic in the neighborhood

Talk to your Cleburne custom home builders of choice when you’re shopping around for a brand-new home to determine your options and how you can manage the dream home you’ve always wanted.

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