Bathtubs and Showers Specifically Designed for Your Needs

Bathtubs and Showers Specifically Designed for Your Needs

Something More Than a Conventional Tub

Some people prefer a quick shower while others enjoy a nice, relaxing soak in the tub. Regardless of a person’s bathing preference, it should always be an accessible and comforting experience. Yet, as person gets older and more mobility issues arise, bathing is anything but comfortable. Regular bathtubs and showers simply do not meet the basic standards to cater to the elderly and disabled. A person should not have to risk his or her well-being, or potentially even a life, when they want to bathe. Luckily, bathtubs for the disabled are readily available.

Walk-In Tubs and Showers

For a lot of elderly and disabled people, just getting in to a bathtub or shower can be too much of a challenge. A person with mobility issues should not have to exude all of their strength to climb over a wall to get in to a bathtub. Now, they no longer have to. Walk in bathtubs and showers come equipped with built in doors. These strongly sealed, leak-proof doors easily open to let a person inside. This not only saves a lot of time, but it also is a lot safer.


The majority of regular bathtubs and showers do not have handrails. This makes it near impossible for elderly and disabled people to comfortably bathe. With nothing to grab on to for support, a bathtub or shower can quickly become a hazard. Bathtubs specifically designed for disabled and immobile people feature multiple handrails that are strategically placed all around the tub, effectively minimizing the risk of slips, falls, and drownings.

Therapeutic Advantages

Not only are bathtubs and showers much safer for the elderly and disabled, but they are also therapeutic. Over time, joints, bones, and muscles all get worn down and sore. This is why adjustable turbo jets are inserted in to the bathtubs. Various levels of water pressure can be easily adjusted to combat aches and pains. Furthermore, bathtubs for the disabled are equipped with heating systems that are installed specifically for the lower back. Through these turbo jets and heating systems, the bathing experience is now comparable to getting a massage.


The benefits of bathtubs for the disabled are obvious, but some elderly people may be hesitant to treat themselves to such a luxury. The burden of installing one of these bathtubs or showers can be overwhelming. This is why the makers of the tubs install them for their customers. At a relatively low cost, professionals can completely overhaul a bathroom. Elderly and disabled people can now bathe safely in comfort without having to worry about putting in a new tub themselves.



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