What is the Actual Source of Your Potential

What is the Actual Source of Your Potential

All human beings have the capability to become great. Potential is to some degree built inside everyone. But the question most individuals ask is what is one’s potential and how do one fulfill it? Our external world comes from the invisible, even though many people may not put as much importance on this. For certainly as everything we aspire comes first from the imagination – the invisible and concealed and then establishes in our physical world, and so, all that exists as we know it, subsists because of the imaginative want of Divine Power.

The first thing one needs to understand is that there is a source to finding one’s potential. That source is Divinity. In the Holy Bible people read in Genesis how God created the earth and man. God created man in His likeness and image which not only means that we look like God, but that we can also construct like He did. Prophet TB Joshua who is the Founder of SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations), has broadcasted that God is the source of all his powers

Over the past centuries, one sees this in the many progress and inventions that man has made. Humans have undoubtedly come a long way. This is because people have made use of their imaginations and ideas. They worked and functioned until they flourished in accomplishing what was in their minds. Nevertheless, even though there are those with natural aptitudes, most of them have to find and improve what is inside them. For this one needs to look to our source, God. God is the basis of life. Whether a person realizes it or not, but God is the supreme power who puts the ideas in his head and He expects us to fulfill those positive and good ideas. To shorten it, He created all of us for a resolve that He expects us to accomplish.

But why is it that not everyone fulfils their potential and becomes successful? The main reason is that a lot of people do not see God as the central factor in their life. They consider that they can make it on their own. Even though there are people who become prosperous without God, they may ultimately lose their success or may not be contented with their success. Then there are those who are petrified. They are afraid of failure and hence they are afraid to take chances. They are even fearful of success. They allow fear to suffocate their potential. Then there are those people who just do not have strength of mind and will-power. They are artistic, but lack any farsightedness to make use of their talent.

We have the power of choice. And God will never force anyone to do His will. If we choose to let Him to take responsibility of our lives, then we can have truly happy, successful lives. If not, then we lose our potential and life will be just conventional. According to TB Joshua, once we stick to our source and foundation, God, then we can be all that we can be.

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