Do Dogs Carry Health Risks To Human? Know these Health Facts

Do Dogs Carry Health Risks To Human? Know these Health Facts

Do you know that your dog is one of the best therapist that you have in home? Yes, your furry friend is also one of the best doctors that you may have, not just because of their ‘stress-removing cuteness’ but also because of their impacts on our physical as well as mental health. In fact, according to recent researches, many organizations promote ‘pet-visit’ to a lot of hospitals because they have the capability to improve mental health among patients instead of undergoing a therapy. Plus, owning a pet is also proven to reduce blood pressure, decrease cholesterol level and ease stress and isolation and help people improve health habits and more.

Have you visited Turramurra vet hospital Turramurra NSW and asked if there are possible health risks pets pose to human? Or they give health benefits instead? Let’s find out!

Physical Health

Owning a cute pet is a little bit vigorous because you need to accompany him in walking or running as a part of his daily exercise. This physical exercise for your dog also improves your physical health as you walk with them. Thus, you are also burning lots of calories and fats, as well as improving your muscles and endurance as you take the activity. In fact, according to some studies, pet owners who take their dogs for a walk in a daily basis are proven to get moderate exercise.

Alleviate stress

When you are stress from work or other reasons, your dog has the power to break people’s mind haze. The loyalty, love, sense of purpose and companionship that pets provide help boost our moods and relieve emotional strains.

Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that your pets can also help you alleviate blood pressure? Yes, it’s true. According to studies, people with stressful life are a bit more vulnerable to hypertension, but owning pets at home can help people alleviate their stress and lower blood pressure up to 10%.

Lower risks of heart attacks

Your furry friend could also help you reduce the risks of heart attacks, if you still don’t know about it. Studies have found that those owners with petsat homes are less likely to reduce the risk of having heart attacks up to 40%.

Reduce Depression

People who are diagnosed with depression are proven to alleviate their feelings whenever they see their pets. In fact, pets are also used by health organizations for animal-assisted therapy as they have the capability to provide a positive effect to a lot of depressed individuals.

Prevent allergies

It might seem counterintuitive but do you know that cuddling your cute pet may help your child stay away from allergies? There are numbers of studies that prove about the efficacy of owning a pet to alleviate allergies and other related problems among kids by up to 33%. It would be great if you take care of him, even just by knowing how to remove a paralysis tick from a dog.

Lower Blood Sugar

You probably know how dangerous could be when you have low blood sugar level. While others rely on medications, many can find it life-saving to own a pet. There are some pets which can detect blood sugar drop by only the use of their sense of smell.

Prevent stroke

Owning a pet can reduce the possibilities of stoke. They won’t only relieve you stress but they can also reduce the effect of heart attack.

So do dogs carry health risks to human? Definitely, not!

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