5 Best Wedding Gifts for a Newly Married Bride and Groom

5 Best Wedding Gifts for a Newly Married Bride and Groom

The wedding season is just around the corner. In India, weddings are a lavish affair that often involve a dizzying array of stunning outfits, a bevy of mouth-watering delicacies, enthusiastic and not-so-enthusiastic relatives and, sometimes, a trip to an exotic location in the case of a destination wedding. In fact, it’s a common saying that when it comes to Indian weddings, the bigger the better.

While you may be excited to attend a friend, cousin’s or colleague’s wedding after receiving a spectacularly designed invitation, it is important to veer your thoughts to providing a suitable gift to the new bride and groom. Giving them a thoughtful and functional gift will help them start a new life in a new home.

If you’re worried what to present them at the reception, use the below list for some ideas:

A portable music player

No new home is complete without a high quality portable music player. If you know that the bride or groom love to hear classic Bollywood songs, then the Saregama Carvaan may be an ideal gift for him or her. It also has Bluetooth so the couple can play their own collection of songs from their laptop, tablet or mobile phone which makes it a perfect gift for music lovers. This Bluetooth music player also comes in range of colors right from a shimmering electric blue to magnificent Cherrywood red.

An espresso machine or French press

If you happen to know that either the bride or groom or both like drinking coffee, an espresso machine or a coffee maker would be a good wedding gift. Alternatively, if they like their cup of garma garm chai in the morning, a French press could be an ideal gift for the couple.

A kitchen and dining set

Given that the newly married couple will soon start their life together as husband and wife, it makes sense to present them something that will be of great value in a new home. No house is complete without a kitchen and dining set. Although this is a conventional gift, you can select a quirky dining set to make the gift seem less conventional.


Traditionally, brides are usually gifted with glittering necklaces, sparkling earrings and impressive bracelets fitted with bright stones. An exquisite jewelry set can be a wonderful gift for a beautiful new bride.

A non-stick cookware set

While a dining set is a quintessential kitchen ware, a non-stick cookware is just as important. You can easily buy a nice cookware set online or visit a nearby store to pick up one.

Whether you decide to gift the new couple an espresso machine or a portable music player, make sure to avoid stressing too much about what to give them. It is imperative to enjoy the festivities, catch up with old friends, meet distant relatives and wish the couple good luck and good health for their new beginning.

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