3 Ways to Make it in Hollywood

3 Ways to Make it in Hollywood

You are ready to buy a bus ticket and head west. You want to do it the smart way. You want to make sure that you have enough money to hold you over and you are ready to start working as soon as possible. You are dedicated to your dream of becoming an actor, and you know that all you need is a break to become the best there ever was.

If you are deep in the research of how to make it big in Hollywood, check out these three ways you can give yourself a leg up before you even get there.

 1. Get Professional Headshots

There are a lot of companies that specialize in professional headshots in Los Angeles. You can find a great company that has fair prices to get the perfect headshots to match your personality. When it comes to auditioning, casting directors really know you by the way you look in your headshot. That means that having the perfect headshot can help you get roles, even if you think that you bomb the audition.

 2. Network

As soon as you get to Hollywood, plan on getting a job. While it doesn’t have to be a fulltime job, consider finding a job that helps you network with studio executives, actors, and anyone in the industry. You would be amazed at how many people get roles just by knowing the right person at the right time. Be kind to everyone (but do protect yourself), and make sure you get to know everyone around you. If you don’t consider yourself a people person, consider your acting credentials, and use that ability to be friendly with everyone that you meet, because you never know if or when someone will consider you for a role that they need to fill.

 3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

As you network, don’t be afraid to ask if someone needs small roles to be filled. Don’t be afraid to tell people you talk to about your hopes, dreams, and goals. This can help you attract the right people to you, and it can help you find work (sometimes without even auditioning). While it is good to ask, you should never be too pushy. You can let people know what you do, and offer your services, ask them if they have any contacts, and if you get a negative answer, keep moving. There are many people in Hollywood looking for the right person (which might just be you).

There are a lot of great ways to prepare yourself for your move to Hollywood. Make sure you get professional headshots in Los Angeles to show off your personality. Additionally, don’t forget to network and ask around.

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