3 Easy Ways to Brighten up Your Business Space

3 Easy Ways to Brighten up Your Business Space

If your business space is feeling a little hum-drum or dreary it could have a negative impact on your customers and your employees. Here are 3 easy ways you can brighten up your business space.

Let It Grow

Having plants in the office is a great way to add some freshness to a space. The psychological benefits of having natural greenery in the workplace has been well documented.

One study by the University of Technology in Sydney found that having a plant in the workplace can reduce tension and anxiety by 37 percent, fatigue by 38 percent, and feelings of anger and hostility by 44 percent. The most remarkable benefit was that having a plant in the office studied reduced feelings of depression or dejection by a whopping 58 percent. Plants also absorb sound, and freshen the air.

Think outside the Box

If your office space has become stale, it’s time to think outside the box. What are some unique, and nontraditional ways you can decorate, accessories, or store items. You may even consider rearranging how the flow of the business moves throughout the space. For example, can employees use standing desks, could you have your conference room be in a more open or naturally lit setting, etc.

Another good idea is to encourage inspiration. Keep windows unobstructed to let natural light in and enable employees to look out. Post your company values, or inspirational quotes in fun and modern fonts around the office. You could even have an inspiration wall where employees are allowed to post sticky notes with their favorite quotes, ideas, or sayings.

Daring Design

Sometimes it is okay to be a little daring with design. If your business has been painted by commercial painting in Atlanta, GA with only monotones, it will be hard for your employees’ minds to stay stimulated. Instead, break it up with a vibrant accent wall, a colorful break room, or pillows and rugs in various locations with bold patterns on them.

When you hire a company that provides commercial painting in Atlanta, GA to breathe some new life into your space a good rule of thumb is to remember when it comes to hues, neutrals and cool tones soothe, warm tones stimulate. If you don’t know where to begin, take a look or a stroll down to an office that feels bright and fresh to you and replicate some of their ideas in your own space.

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